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How long will I not be able to use my kitchen?

About one and half days. We come in on day one to dismantle doors and drawers and set up all the protection and vapour barriers before we start to spray in your house. You'll be able to make dinner in your kitchen on the 2nd day. 


How long will the project take from start to finish?

The time varies based on the size of the kitchen. But generally, it's 2 working days in house, 5-7 days in shop and then 1 day for installation and adjustments.


What's the benefit of spray painting vs brush & roll?

On smooth surfaces like kitchen cabinetry, every brush stroke and roller lap will be seen with reflection of light. You can clearly tell that they've been painted. Using our state-of-the-art spray equipment, we can create the sleekest and most even finish. It won't look painted. It will look factory finished.


I'm concerned about the spray painting done in my home. Do I need to be?

Not at all. We take the utmost care; we install floor to ceiling vapour barriers around the work space, protecting your home from any dust and paint particles.


I have an outdated kitchen with hinges that show. Can you change that?

Yes! We can install "hidden hinges", also known as European concealed hinges. On top of the aesthetic benefit, European concealed hinges function much better than the traditional face-mounted hinge.


I'd like to update the handles and knobs. Is it possible to move their location and will the previous holes show?

We can absolutely do that. We will fill the old holes and install new hardware for you. Using our technique, you won't be able to tell that the holes were ever there. The end result will be seamless.